Off The Mat


AshtangaYogaOBX — May 17, 2016
Off The Mat

In many ancient cultures and religions, the Earth is usually personified as being an expression of feminine energy and embodying the Mother.  I have, throughout my life, gravitated to these ideas and adapted them into my Spirituality.

It feels to me like something is missing in our modern day way of life and in our cultural and religious constructs.  Our ancestors revered the Earth and believed in giving back to it.  In some native and ancient cultures the love and sacredness towards the Earth was a core value.

I miss that and, therefore, my Heart has drawn me to a place where it can be restored.  It is a great medicine to have a conscious relationship with Mother Earth.  To respect and be grateful, to be aware of how we interact and affect it.

The care and quality of the Earth seeps into every aspect of our lives.  It directly affects the quality of Being we are.  For example, when the Earth is polluted, it gets into the food we eat.  When the food is affected by pollution, it loses vitality or life force, and hence we lose a little bit of this vitality too.  Our minds become clouded and dull from low food quality.

The same is true for the air we breathe.  The less toxic, the higher quality of life.

It is such a beautiful time on the planet as humans have learned and accelerated in so many areas of knowledge, technology, and industry that it has allowed us more freedom in ways to do and explore different things.  This is great!

My dream for the world would be that we continue to evolve all the knowledge, technology, and experience we have achieved while remaining in balance, harmony, and loving kindness to the actual Earth around us.  In this way, we can grow and evolve in other ways besides "more, more, more."  At some point, more is not better and doesn't make us happier.  More is more suffering.

When we hit this point, we must ask ourselves...hmmm...maybe there is a different direction for growth?  What I am suggesting is that perhaps the next level of growth should occur in our spiritual being, which leads to an evolution of consciousness.  This kind of growth seeks integration, wholeness, wisdom, and connection.  I feel it is possible to maintain the integrity of what we have already learned and been implementing and integrate our highly evolved technical minds into learning new techniques to live less intrusively  to the Earth.

Basically, in a nut shell, what I am saying is "Love Your Mother!"

Jai Ma!

With Love,

Michelle Dorer
Owner, Director, Teacher – Ashtanga Yoga Center, Outer Banks, NC

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