Welcome to the Outer Banks, NC

The Outer Banks are a long string of narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina and a small portion of Virginia that cover most of the North Carolina coastline.

Due to the unique nature of these islands it provides a rich environment for yoga and meditative practices. We are removed from the hustle and bustle of cities, the skies are open and clear, and there are several State and Nationally protected Nature preserves spread along the islands.

The Outer Banks is also a place of innovation and exploration. The island’s strong winds made Kill Devil Hills the site of the Wright brothers’ First Flight. Just across the sound is Roanoke Island, location of the first colony of English settlers who vanished mysteriously in 1587.

I have enclosed information for any visiting yogis and yoginis below. Come join us for one of our workshops or create your own personalized yoga retreat.


Both of these airports are more than an hour drive from the beach.  There is no public transportation on the island.


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